Willow got an amazing family and a new name- Arke. Her parents treat her with lots of love and patience followed by working with her under supervision of a behaviorist. Taking in consideration all that she has been through, this is exactly what she needs to overcome traumas, fears and enjoy to the fullest a beautiful life that she got 🙂


Willow is a beautiful girl, and only between 1 and 2 years old. Found abandoned in a parking lot together with her sister, where they were trying to find food. Our partner in Romania took her in and started taking care of her. Finally Willow received some much-needed love. We write ‘‘much needed’’, since one of Willows favorite activities is getting attention from people.

The love, however, doesn’t just ends there. She is good with other dogs and incredibly sweet towards the cats.

Willow is potty trained, fine when being alone at home and well-behaved when travelling by car. She walks on a leash, though she freezes sometimes due to a noise or movement. She is usually scared with new people (when they come inside the house she sometimes barks at them, specially on men) and in the new situations, but all she needs is patience, space, time and training. She is learning incredibly fast!

At the moment Willow is in a foster care in Maastricht.

Who we are looking for to adopt Willow?

– someone who has proved experience with dogs or is willing to arrange for a dog trainer/behaviorist right away. This is not negotiable!
– a person/family who understands that Willow needs time, work, consistency and love to overcome her fears and show her full potential (which is huge!).
– a house where Willow won’t be left alone for long hours.
– preferably a house with cat(s) 😉
– a quiet, stable home.


  1. Hi, I would ask you if you already have someone to foster her?
    And also how much are the adaption fees?
    Thanks in advanced for you time
    Kind regards

    • Hi Helene! Yes, we have a foster family for Willow 🙂 The adoption fee various per animal, it’s usually 100EUR for a kitten, 125EUR for a spayed adult cat and 225-250EUR per dog. This is however subject to discussion if the amount is problematic, since our priority is to make sure that all fur babies have wonderful forever homes 🙂

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