Guatemala Hope for the Animals

The story of our cooperation with Guatemala Hope for the Animals starts back in autumn 2019, but it bloomed during spring of 2020.

Here is a text about our work written by amazing Caroline (director of Guatemala Hope for the Animals):

“Six months ago, an amazing young couple came into my life through a post they made about a little dog in Guatemala who needed help. Our rescue took in the dog and found him a wonderful forever home in Guatemala, but that was not the end of the story. It led to what was first an online friendship and then a very real in person one, when Kasia Ska and Raymond Olivers arrived in Quetzaltenango this February to help open our foster home, Casa Hope. They stayed there with me for several weeks and were instrumental in not just caring for the dogs, but setting up procedures and policies, and working with some of the very timid dogs we had taken on. During the weeks I spent with them, I came to not only greatly respect their characters, intelligence, problem solving skills and work ethic, but their absolute devotion to the best interest of the dogs. When I left to fly home in early March, it was a hard and tearful farewell. They left shortly thereafter themselves, with the intention to continue their travels through Guatemala and other parts of Central America, but almost immediately the border to El Salvador closed due to coronavirus, and then Guatemala closed its borders to incoming foreigners so they made the wise decision to wait it out in Guatemala. While I was disappointed for them, I was thrilled that they were able to return to Casa Hope to continue to care for the dogs. At this moment they should be on a plane from Mexico to Europe. Between the fact that it was becoming increasingly difficult to leave Guatemala by land or air, and some pressing matters they needed to take care of at home, it was time for them to go, but they will be back as soon as it is possible to safely travel. Next time they will travel north in their van, into the United States and will bring with them at least one of our dogs, Joey. He is an old, crippled, nearly hairless dog who lived for many years on concrete at an awful place. While at Casa Hope, Kasia and Ray gave him more love and attention than he has had in his whole life, letting him sleep with them in their bed, making sure he had the sunbaths he loves, giving him his arthritis medicine and bundling him up to keep him warm since he is practically hairless. Our temporary caretaker for the dogs now that they have left, told me that Joey cried and cried that morning when they left. I’ve spent decades in rescuing animals and have met some amazing people as well as had to deal with some awful ones. Kasia and Ray are among the former and I have come to love them and be as proud of them as if they were my own children. Not a few times when I was worried or upset, they helped me find my equilibrium and the right path forward. Their contributions to our project can never be repaid except through gratitude and thanks. Even when they were resting in their hotel room night before last, before their long flights to Europe, they took the time to write out two detailed documents about the dogs and their care procedures, for the new caretaker. When I feel sad or defeated about the plight of animals in Guatemala and elsewhere and how there are never enough people or resources to care for and advocate for them, I will think of my friends Kasia and Ray, and try to focus on the positives. For they are not just in the here and now helping animals on the front lines, but are the hope of the future, and an inspiration to me. Thank you my friends, from myself and on behalf of the dogs who I know miss you deeply. I am counting the days until I can see you again. Les quiero mucho. Please like and follow their European rescue page, Stray Aid Romania!”

We can’t even express how thankful we are for trusting us with Casa Hope and all the doggos, we miss them endless!

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