We are looking for a home for Loki!

For our lovely Loki, who travelled all the way from Mexico, we are looking for a loving forever home πŸ‘

What you should know about Loki?
🐩 He is a 7.5 years old French Poodle.
❀️ He loves cuddles and being close to people.
πŸ• He gets along with dogs and likes to play with most of them, especially when he knows them already.
🐈 He is ok with cats, but he needs to be introduced to them properly and has to be supervised in the beginning (at first he wants to chase them). You have to show him clearly the boundaries. With our cats he was fine after 2 days.
🌳 He loves walks, especially off leash.
🚽He is toilet trained.
❗He has to be brushed at least twice a week to keep his fur and skin in a good condition.

Loki spent 6 years in a huge shelter with very poor conditions. He didn’t have any proper medical care and therefore he has some health problems that we work on solving:

πŸ’Š Loki has an allergy. To rule out/confirm food allergy he has to eat special food for another couple of weeks and then he needs a vet visit to see how to deal with it further. Along with special food he gets a pill every morning to stop the feeling of itchiness.
🦷 His teeth have to be brushed a couple of times a week.
🐾 Loki is limping a bit on his right back paw. The vet in Mexico told us it’s an old injury, most likely broken ligaments. We were advised to make a proper diagnosis which we will do after Christmas. It can happen that he would need a surgery, but that’s not for sure, since it doesn’t seem to hurt him. There might be a chance that nothing can be done, either.

If you have any questions about Loki and his adoption procedure, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please spread a word! He is an amazing dog who deserves to have family and homeΒ 

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