Story of (not) a stray dog

Yesterday on the morning walk we spotted a small dog with horrible knots all over his little body. We grabbed the crate, food and came back to catch him. It turned out quickly that he wasn’t a stray dog. After some struggles we convinced his caretakers to allow us to take him to the vet clinic for grooming and check-up (under condition that one of the family members, a teenage boy, would go with us).

Trosky – that’s the name of the dog, was shaved, bathed and got vaccinations and deworming. He needs to be castrated and his teeth need to be cleaned. We hope that we will be allowed to bring him again to the clinic tomorrow for that.

We provided Trosky’s family with a brush and 5kg of dog food, since the dog is being fed with tortillas…

The vet from Centro Veterinario Las Casas was of great help in this situation, as he took the phone number of the boy so he could talk to him/his family about the importance of teeth cleaning/castration and to follow up on this.

If you would like to support us in helping dogs in need – please donate or make a shopping on Stray Aid Romania Bazaar Facebook pageĀ 

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