Help needed!

Long story short:
In September we quitted our jobs, re-homed the last of our rescue/foster dogs and sent the last donations to the rescue in Romania. We left Europe to travel, as it was our big dream to fulfill before we come back to open a proper animal rescue.

The first 2 weeks of our journey went as expected, but then we ended up volunteering in one of the Central American shelters – the place full of animals suffering, shortage of food and lack of medical care. We took from there two dogs, some of the smallest ones so we could take them on public transport, and who also needed special care. We spent on them already nearly 1500 EUR- despite vet bills from the photos we also bought a IATA approved crate for 100€, paid to groom many dogs that had their hair full of knots, paid to get the longest nails cut and paid for euthanasia of two dogs from that shelter who were in agony. We still need to buy another crate, since we are taking both of the dogs with us to Europe.


🏡 Spread a word to help us in re-homing the dogs.

🍲 Buy a bag of Royal Canin Hydrolyzed Protein- the food we need for Loki due to his allergy (we can pick it up in Maastricht after December 16).

💲 Donate to help us pay the vet bills and buy a second IATA approved crate.

We will be forever thankful for any support and help in our struggles 

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