At one of those seemingly normal days a box was handed over at the shelter that we were volunteering at. In it was a small, scared and shaking dog. Dumped for no other reason than being hit by a car and injured. Quickly we figured out that this little guy (around 2 years old and 4.4kg) couldn’t walk at all! It must have been such a traumatic experience…

Since the employees had no time to work on his rehabilitation, we took him under our care. Slowly his back-paws became stronger and stronger and we are proud to say that by now, he walks almost completely normal. He is not scared anymore and is enjoying life to the fullest.

If you are looking for a small companion that cuddles with you on the couch and loves going on exciting adventures, look no further. Poochi enjoys being outside and exploring new things, and in the evenings you cannot make him more happy than to let him fall asleep in your arms. He is super-social with other dogs, good with cats, loves to play and likes long walks. Walking on the leash is not an issue and he is easy to correct.

However, there are still a few things that need to be worked on. His back-paws aren’t up to full-strength so he needs more training. He is still sometimes scared of being left behind so he might whine for a couple minutes when you are going out. Last but not least he still sometimes pees in the house during the night.

His personality is just incredible and he deserves an amazing home. On 15-12-2019 we will bring him to the Netherlands. Are you interested in making him part of your family? Please write us a message! If you cannot adopt him, please spread the word and let’s make sure that Poochi has home before Christmas.

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