Off on adventure

It has been quiet here since we left Europe and put the initiative on pause (the work will be continued!). As we travel we see many stray dogs and cats, but what warms our hearts is that very often we pass bowls with food and water for them (we also carry dog food with us most of the time;)).
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If you want to foster/adopt/help strays in need with donations, please contact:
Fundatia Siddhartha – Romanian rescue for dogs & cats run by our dear friends (they also run a sanctuary for farm animals).
Asociatia A Doua Sansa Ramnicu Valcea – Romanian dog rescue who, despite regular rescue work, also go around Valcea with vet-van for sterilisations and castrations.
Hope VMS- Elaine’s Dogs – Bosnian rescue with over 130dogs, run by amazing and super helpful people.

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