Tara met her family and it was meant to be!

Tara has spend many years in the Bosnian shelter of Hope VMS. This is the same amazing organization that agreed to foster a puppy that we found while being on holidays in Bosnia. After Tara arrived in the Netherlands, it still took us 10 months before we found the absolute perfect family for her. But they arrived and it all worked out as if it was meant to be.

Now she lives together with her humans, another dog, cats, chickens and horses right on the edge of a national park. The other dog is much younger, but seems to be bringing new life in Tara! She is enjoying the daily walks through nature and spends a lot of time napping in her favourite spots.

When we visited her to sign the adoption papers, we were scared that Tara might try to follow us. It was great to see that instead she was focusing all her attention on observing the family hamster, and giving her love to her new family.

We wish Tara all the best. She is an amazing dog and deserved this home so much. Now all there is left for us to do is think back at the great memories that we have of her, and be a bit jealous that we didn’t adopt her. 😉

Below you can find the text we wrote to find a home for her.

A special girl! Not our usual Romanian dog, but a true Bosnian lady we have for adoption. This dog is from HOPE VMS ELAINE’S DOGS, where also our Tino (now Marty) was being fostered. 

Tara’s story:

Many years ago there was a dog catcher active in the area where she lived, but she has dodged that bullet and got rescued around 4.5 years ago. She had two pups (Bubica and Gracy) but they quickly got adopted. Tara suffered from demodex, but fully recovered. Now she is completely healthy (we also run several tests here to double check if she indeed doesn’t have any more health issues).

About Tara:

Tara is estimated to be 8 years old. She is really a lovely girl who is good with dogs, cats and children (in general all beings on her way). She loves cuddles and relaxing on the couch after walks. She is easy with harness/collar and a leash, she doesn’t pull nor bark. At the moment (February 2019) she is with us a bit over 3 months and she sticks so well that we let her off the leash not only in the fenced dog fields. She loves snacks, so it is easy to keep her close 😉  Well behaved around the house and not a trouble maker. She is fully toilet trained, she doesn’t destoy stuff and she is fine with staying alone for hours, when we are at work. She is a small-medium sized dog with a weight of 18 to 20 kilos. She is vaccinated, neutered and chipped.



  1. I want to meet her please! 🙂 but I can’t reach anybody.. greets, Sylvia

  2. Stray Aid Romania August 4, 2019 at 5:20 pm

    we just sent you a message 🙂

  3. We’re a family with 4 children (age 11-15) who are all dying to meet Tara and give her a lot of attention and walks. A lot of green and space around oud house an park. Tried to ready you via verhuisdieren, now I hope to get in contact😀!
    Groetjes Judith

    • Stray Aid Romania August 12, 2019 at 5:11 pm

      Sounds beautiful, however it seems like we found a perfect match for Tara already. Thank you for keeping her in mind <3

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