Our the-most-cuddly-dog-ever has been adopted recently! Lucy was moved to Valkenburg, where she is going to be the living teddy-bear of a couple, their other dog Forest (don’t you think they look exactly alike?) and their cat!  We are sure that Lucy will have a very joyful and beautiful life with her new family <3

To give you a brief history on this lady, we have to go all the way back to our holidays. We were traveling around the Balkans, seeing the beauty of the countries and helping animals along the way. One evening, parked next to the road in Serbia, this happy puppy came to us and decided to hang around our campsite. We gave her some food and cuddles and very qiuckly it seems like she decided that she was coming with us. 

The night came and there was just no possible way that we could leave her outside, so we took her in our car. Every couple hours we would wake up, open the door and put her on the ground. She would walk to the bushes, make a pee and come back to the car, ready to be lifted inside and sleep in that warm and comfortable bed. It was clear, she won, she was coming with us. 

We found her a place to stay (since she needed vaccinations and papers before she could travel) and started working on getting her to the Netherlands. Not an easy job, since it took us almost half a year and Ray had to fly to Serbia to pick her up!

Several people were interested in her but as always, we want to make sure the home is as perfect as possible. And now we can honestly say that we managed to find her just that. 🙂 

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