Golden retriever found her golden basket


Nala was living on a chain in Belgium, outside, and was rescued by us. Since that moment she is living in a foster-home where she receives love and care and learns to be a normal dog again. We know about her that she is simply amazing. She loves everything and everyone and likes to play, walk and sleep. A real cuddle-monster, who shows no sign of aggression. The fosters can touch her mouth all the time, even when she is holding a toy or when she is eating.

This golden retriever, 1.5 years old, has quite some energy and will require a lot of walking/movement. She likes to swim and likes to learn. A smart girl who backs down for nothing. Other humans and dogs are fine for her. Since there are no cats in the foster family it’s hard to check this out but when she sees a cat she doesn’t responds in any different way. Her previous caretakers (who kept her on a chain) mentioned that she had several cat-friends who were coming to her. However, this is not confirmed.

She walks just fine on the leash but when there are a lot of things going on around her or when she really wants to go somewhere she might pull. Since she weighs 28.5 kilos this is something to be prepared for.

Nala has been sterilised, she has a chip and passport. She had several vaccinations in her short life. After she has been rescued she has been to the vet for her sterilisation and a general check. The vet says she is healthy and in a good shape. Normally we would ask a certain adoption fee, but with Nala we decided to ask for the return of the amount that we had to pay at the vet, which is €210 euros. We have the bill available.

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