Six puppies found

Yesterday when walking with my friend in Goranu neighbourhood (Ramnicu Valcea) we found 6 tiny puppies. We took them of course, but we couldn’t keep them, as soon we leave Romania. One more time Asociatia de Protectie a Animalelor “A Doua Sansa” Ramnicu Valcea came with help and today all babies were brought to them. If you already feel in love with one of them or want to donate please reach out to them or Dutch organisation they work with: One of a kind dogs (link below).

We also want to encourage you to donate for their project of van-clinic, which would allow sterilisations on a big scale. Believe me, even if you offer free neutering, but people have to bring their doggies to the clinic, it doesn’t work well- we tried it too… So here you have a link 🙂

Page of “One of a kind dogs”:

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