We beg you for support!

Recently we have so much expenses that we don’t know how we will manage with future ones….
Remember mom with 2 pups? Brown puppy, caught later than her sis and mother, had to have surgery. Looks like she had car accident and suffered from hernia. Today we paid for surgery 300RON (65EUR).
All 3 had already first vaccines (221RON=47EUR). Tibo as well got first vaccine (50RON= 11EUR).
We also have to provide food for all of them.
Some weeks ago we paid for sterilization of a dog, whose owners didn’t have money for it (190RON=41EUR).
We still badly want to continue with sterilisation of cats and dogs, but we are absolutely broken at the moment and what we paid recently put us in debts again.
All donations from my (Kasia’s) b-day are gone after paying Pepa’s transport (130EUR), passport+chip (45EUR) and castration of 2 stray cats.
At the same time I keep on being informed about stray dogs and cats, who need to be checked by vet and spayed and I just can’t refuse to help…
Please share this post/ donate- every euro counts!

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