Tibo asks for a loving home!

Tibo, baby boy, was found on June 8, roaming in the neighbourhood where Kasia lives in Romania. He was taken to clinic for deworming and first vaccine. Next day he went to a temporary home, where he lives on the yard (of course with dog-houses and 3 other doggies).

As much as we don’t know Tibo yet, we can already say that he loves all humans and dogs. In front of vet clinic he was approaching every single doggie with a lot of enthusiasm. He is super cuddly and reacted when I called him.  At the same time he seems quite chilled dog in general 🙂 After I spent with him half hour he was already refusing to go from me with his foster dad.

Tibo is 4/5 months old and will be ready to travel to the Netherlands not later than mid July.

Would you like to give this beauty home?


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