Annika also deserves love.

Dog- mommy was spotted by us on one of our trips. We asked for help Asociatia de Protectie a Animalelor “A Doua Sansa” Ramnicu Valcea, who cought her and give her a temporary home in Romania. She was roaming on the streets, begging for food to feed herself and her two pups. One of her pups was hit by a car and in serious need of surgery. We can only guess what happened to her other pups…

She was one of many strays here, having puppies every year. It was very important for us to take her from the street not only to help her get the normal life she deserves, but also to make sure she won’t give to this world more dogs. She will be neutered here in Romania.

The vet estimated that she is around 4 years old and she is completely healthy. She had all her vaccinations and is ready to be adopted directly. Her two pups are also up for adoption but they will arrive to Maastricht a bit later.

She is shy, but every time we visit her she comes to us, asks for cuddles and gives kisses. She also gets along with other dogs and cats (but she likes to catch flies). She is a very calm dog and would be perfect for a couch. 😉 Until now she hasn’t barked yet and doesn’t destroys anything. Since she is in Maastricht she did her needs outside and walking on the leash is slowly going better. She is grateful for everything and even refreshing her water-bowl makes her tail wag.

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