Loki to fall in love with!

Story like many others, a daughter of stray dog, of course unwanted, of course no one would take her from street.

We found her in a place where a lot of people are coming, but not a one person decided to take her and her sis&mom from there or contact NGO for help.

We immediately contacted Asociatia de Protectie a Animalelor “A Doua Sansa” Ramnicu Valcea asking them to catch this dog family and foster them, while we cover all expenses related to vet, food etc. Unfortunately she was the last one to be caught, she got scared, ran away and hid. Only few days later she was taken from there. While those few lonely days she had car accident and suffered from hernia. She was also covered in flies and flees 🙁

Now she is fine, washed and recovering from surgery.

This baby girl is not even 2 months old. Her mom is medium size and she would be the same in the future.

Please take her home and make sure she forgets about her sad past!

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