Leia needs your love!

Story like many others, a daughter of stray dog, of course unwanted, of course no one would take her from street.

We found her in a place where a lot of people are coming, but not a one person decided to take her and her sis&mom from there or contact NGO for help.

We immediately contacted Asociatia de Protectie a Animalelor “A Doua Sansa” Ramnicu Valcea asking them to catch this dog family and foster them, while we cover all expenses related to vet, food etc.

She seems like a very social dogs, coming to people to get cuddles and give some kisses, annoying her mommy by biting her paws, cause she want to play 🙂

This baby girl is not even 2 months old. Her mom is medium size and she would be the same in the future.

Please take her home  and show her how good life looks like!

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