We need your help!

puppy 1 from Poland

Hands on board! We really need your help now more than in a very long time…Why?

1. We URGENTLY need to find temporary/permanent home for 5 doggies from Poland (two adults forgotten by the ”owner” and spending their lives on a chains and 3 puppies who otherwise will end up in a public shelter in Poland). As we don’t have much time we are also considering placing them in dog hotel while looking for adopters…But that cost money and we don’t have them…Could you donate one or few euros? We will prove with invoices how money are spent.

2. We need family for Pepa- Romanian puppy! She will get anti rabies vaccine this Friday and on June 9 she will bve good to go to new family!

3. As soon as I (Kasia) am back in Romania, in a week, we want to start neutering stray cats from my neighborhood in Ramnicu Valcea and also provide free spaying for animals of people from villages. Wanna sponsor one sterilization/ castraction? Awesome! Contact us! We will soon publish price-list from clinic.

Ps. BIG THANKS to hairdresser salon Dameskapsalon Mary-lou from Maastricht, Burgemeestersplein 1. They accepted our donation jar and so far collected for stray animals 16,00 EUR 

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