Not only stray animals need help…

advantix and shampoo

Not only stray animals need help. Also those who have an “owner” are in need sometimes. One of those is Frida.

From the beginning…Just a few kilometers from Brezoi there is lovely guest house with some animals. 2 dogs are in separate enclosures. Together with Ichi we cleaned both and believe me or not, but from each we had over one full wheelbarrow of shits and bushes  🙁 The dogs who are walking freely had ticks, flees (I bought for them Advantix…), and messy fur with dreadlocks (3 of them got a shower and we brushed them). The oldest and biggest one had small injury on his paw, but owner said this dog is too old to be bothered and go to the vet with him. I will lie if I would say that they are all in horrible state, but this is far away for me from what it should be. When I saw a puppy there, roaming between enclosures, I decided to ask if I could take it and the owner agreed without blinking an eye. Thanks to Maresa and Monika who caught her, Frida arrived yesterday evening and I took her straight to Clinica veterinara Dr. Mircea Draghici. Her belly was like a balloon cause of worms, so she got pills for deworming and injection with vitamins. She is 1,5months old and looks like small fluffy black sheep .

If you would like to adopt her please let us know! If not maybe you would like to cover one vaccine (+/-10eur)? Or contribute to her food or “temporary home”, for which we have to pay until she goes to the Netherlands? Details for donations you can find on our website in donate tab.

Spread a word! Help us to help them!
Adopt, don’t buy!

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