Autumn finally went to her new house!


After our beloved Lola and Johnny got adopted, Autumn is now waiting to be taken to her forever home. Her loving character, her big paws and her hyena-fur is melting hearts wherever she goes, but nobody wanted to make her part of the family yet. 

She is about 8 years old, cuddly, likes to walk ánd sleep, likes to be tucked in with blankets and likes to be around you. She can be, however, a bit of a drama-queen sometimes…  But she can be alone at the house very good, is toilet trained and doesn’t destroys anything!

There is, sadly enough, a catch to her. She has an auto-immune disease. At the moment she is getting pills but she will have to stay on special food for the rest of her life (we pay €35.00 for 10kg). Her face is still recovering and her fur still needs to grow back.

Will you provide her a forever home? Send us a message! Do you know someone? Spread, share 

More info and photos you can find in tab Dogs For Adoption.

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