Alpina, such an expensive but lovely lady!


Alpina was found in the mountains where it could be seen that she was dealing with a sticker tumour. Kind people brought her to the vet and we paid for her surgery and sterilisation. All went well and now, after recovering, she (around 1.5 year old) is in a temporary home waiting for adoption. If you are willing to give her a permanent home, let us know!

Sadly enough, it all wasn’t cheap. The costs for surgery/sterilisation were 800LEI. The X-ray was 70LEI, 350LEI for the treatment and 100LEI for the blood test. The people who found her covered her stay in the clinic (30LEI a day). A big thanks to them! Please consider a donation to help us cover all these costs. You can do that via our website; . Thank you! 🙂 ❤

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