A stray dog with a tumour and another operation

Dog with tumour

We received an urgent message about a stray-dog which has a sticker tumour. Kind people ( Maria Daniela Maracine and her mom) wanted to help her but they needed help with this. Luckily we managed to work it out as follows, as we run out of money and getting into debts again ; we will pay the surgery and all needed treatment, they will cover the stay in the clinic and help to find temporary home. Together, we will try to find a loving family for this wonderful creature.

Tomorrow, the surgery will take place. However, during a first check it was noticed that she (+/-3 years old) also has lung problems. Hopefully we can solve all of her problems as soon as possible. Please consider a donation so we can help more dogs like this one. Every cent is appreciated! 🙂

You can donate via PayPal or bank transfer. For more information visit www.strayaidromania.com

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