A pup from the streets of Râmnicu Vâlcea.

While walking with Autumn (you can read about her story in “Dogs for adoption” tab) I found a puppy. Alone, sitting on the parking lot….I just couldn’t leave her there. She is now with us and tomorrow I will bring her to the clinic.  If you want to adopt this pup, let us know! If you want to donate: you can do it via PayPal or bank transfer.

At the moment we have:
– Johnny: after the surgery of his paw, he stays where Molly and Flee stayed during Christmas. We pay every day 15RON for his stay there. This amount doesn’t cover the food.
– Lola: lovely puppy girl, who is still waiting for a forever home. She stays with Johnny and we pay every day 10RON for her stay there. This amount doesn’t cover the food.
– Autumn: she is lucky enough to be in a temporary home, for which we do not have to pay. Her special food (Dermacomfort), however, costs 25RON per kilo.
– Taro: she will be back in the clinic on Tuesday and she will stay there, as her condition is not getting better. For her stay in clinic we have to pay 30RON per day, plus the treatment and food.
– The new puppy that was found today: we will bring her to the clinic tomorrow and she will stay here until we find a temporary home for her. Her stay in the clinic will cost 30RON per day + food.
-3 puppies who are going to their forever homes in the Netherlands on Tuesday.

Please, help us to help them. Donate & spread a word!

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