Johnny is doing better!

As we promised in our post from yesterday we would give you an update on Johnny! First, a short introduction for those who not know him. Johnny was found while feeding stray dogs in the Râmnicu Vâlcea-area. His paw was so damaged that the bone could be seen. We knew we had to come back for him, which we did. His gentle character made us fall in love with him and we hope someone will provide him a forever home! Let us know if you want to be this person! 😉

His paw is doing much, much better. He can walk with it but it still needs some more time to heal. He is making friends all around and since he received his first vaccination a couple of days ago and the last ones next week he will be able to travel to Maastricht (the Netherlands) in 4 weeks!

We could not have done this without your moral and financial support. We hate nothing more than to ask for money but really, we beg you, if you have a bit of spare change left that you can miss… We use every cent we get (see the ‘’Expenses’’ tab on our website for some of the many bills per dog) to safe dogs and at the moment our financial funds are quite low. 🙁

You can find all our donation options, bills and dogs for adoption on 🙂

Thank you all for your kind words and deeds and hopefully one day there will be no more stray dogs left!

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