Our little brown Flee

Flee got adopted!

Flee was one of the first dogs that was taken out of a miserable situation in a nearby shelter. Together with two other dogs her first trip with us was the trip towards the veterinary clinic. Sadly enough, it became clear that all three of them were infected with the parvo-virus. Chances of survival were not very high. The first night one of her companions died but both Flee and the other one (Molly) made a full recovery! In total they stayed under treatment in the clinic for 10 days.

After this, Flee was put in a temporary house which you can see as a ‘’dog-hostel’’. These are private homes where you can pay a bit of money, so that they will look after the dogs. Another 27 days she lived here with Molly and a third dog. Luckily one of our volunteers managed to take her in until she moves to the Netherlands (which will take place around 15 February).

She (probably a medium sized dog and currently around 7 months old) walks the area around her temporary house as if she owns it, but she behaves very well on the leash. Full of enthusiasm, smart and playfulness she is happy to see everyone and everything. She learns very fast and is toilet trained. Cuddles? Yes, please! Making new friends? Yes, please! Learning new things? Hell yes!

If you want to bring back life in your house, Flee is the dog you are looking for! She will come vaccinated, treated for her problems and with a passport. An adoption fee applies (this is dependent on your financial situation and the paid expenses). Please contact us if you have any questions or if you want to adopt her! 🙂

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