Amazing Lola found new family!


31 March 2018:

Lola has been adopted by a lovely couple. She will live with them and their dog Winston nearby the river in Maastricht 🙂


When we saw Lola and her sister we knew that the only chance they would have for a proper life would be us taking them from the streets. The faces of both of them were covered in wounds and crusts due to a skin disease. The skin diseases they had would only get worse and we had to act. They were caught quickly and taken to the vet.

Here they stayed for a while and taken care of properly. Their fur started to grow back and Lola, shy and scared she was in the beginning, started to enjoy human company and playing games. Sadly enough back luck struck us while they were in the temporary home. Parvovirus was detected and one of the pups didn’t made it. Lola luckily wasn’t infected and is now in a different temporary home.


She loves attention and being petted. She loves to play and she loves to walk. Cuddles, food and toys? Bring it on! She is a bit scared still, but slowly it starts to become clear that there isn’t much this girl doesn’t likes. She learnt very fast how to walk on leash, she is ok with other dogs, she is also good with a cat (though she finds him as play-mate). All the new things she sees she finds very interesting and she would fit perfectly in a house that is very alive or with someone who likes to walk. And come on, you have to admit, she is beautiful, isn’t she?  

If you feel like you can adopt her, please contact us!


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