The best dog ever- Autumn (known also as Sally)


Autumn was seen for the first time around mid-January in an industrial zone near Râmnicu Vâlcea. While feeding the stray dogs she was laying there, an empty soul, beaten by her hard life. When she stood up, you could see she was missing fur, that she was completely starved and that she had several diseases/parasites. We knew that we couldn’t leave her behind.

Two days later our friends from Caini Valcea picked her up and brought her to our vet. During the first treatments (including a big bath, shaving her and removing the long nails she had) we figured out she is one of the most calm dogs we’ve ever witnessed. Even with the most annoying proceedings, all she did was mutter a bit. The vet told us she is around 8 years old. She is around 16.5/17kg, medium size. She is also sterilized.

Now, in her current temporary house, she keeps on surprising us with her amazing and thankful character. Even if she meets you for the first time; as soon as she figures out you are open to cuddles, she will get attached to you. Needless to stay, she likes to be spoiled a bit. She enjoys relaxing with you (whether that is in the grass on a sunny afternoon or on the couch watching a movie) and is very quiet. You will not hear a lot of barks and during her walks she is completely fine with other dogs, cars and so on. In her temporary home in Maastricht she lives with a cat and they get along very well. Autumn is toilet trained and very smart.

There is, sadly enough, a catch to her. She has an auto-immune disease. At the moment she is getting pills and she has special cream for her nose. She will have to stay on special food for the rest of her life (we pay €35.00 for 10kg, but you can also find cheaper alternative). Her face is still recovering and her fur still needs to grow back.

Will you provide this beautiful creature forever-home? She might be a bit shy in the beginning but she will be your best friend in the whole wide world in no-time! An adoption fee applies (this is dependent on your financial situation and the paid expenses).  Please drop us a message if you have any questions or you are considering adoption 🙂


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