Two new puppies in the clinic

WE HAVE 3 DOGS IN THE CLINIC! They all need treatment 🙁

We wrote a couple of days ago about the little trip in which we found starved, sick and dead dogs. The first good news that followed was the rescue of the dog that was near starvation and full of sicknesses. Now, we can announce that also the two pups with skin-problems have been rescued (Thanks again to Nicoleta and Edi)!! They are currently safe at the veterinarian where they will be treated for their problems.

We couldn’t have done it, and can’t do it, without your support and donations. So if you can miss some change, or if you can provide a temporary (or permanent) house, please get in touch! The more dogs we can save, the better. Together we can change the world! Anyway, it means the world to these dogs.

Today, after the rescue of the two pups, we already had to pay for the shampoo that is needed for their treatment (which is 62RON/13euro). Luckily we can use this shampoo for the other dog, too. Tomorrow they will be bathed, which costs another 80RON for our two new friends (17euro). The accommodation at the clinic costs 30RON per dog per day, which is 20EUR a day only for their stay there, treatment excluded. All in all, a lot of bills again and they keep coming. If you have an idea how we can raise money for all these bills, we would love to hear it! Three dogs are currently staying in the clinic and 2 others are at temporary homes, waiting their transport to the Netherlands.
Bank details: Katarzyna Smolinska – NL28 INGB 0700 7809 63 (please put in title “Stray Aid Romania”)

or Katarzyna Smolinska RO55BACX0000001566298000 (please put in title “Stray Aid Romania”)…
PS; the starved dog that came in is becoming more and more cuddly by the day! She will be an amazing companion for someone, some day soon. Will that person be you?

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